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Cheap Air Jordan.Fortunately, I wouldn’t have to wait long. In 1994 and 1995, Nike famously re-issued Air Jordans 1 through III, essentially kicking off the concept of retro sneakers. I, a broke recent college grad at the time, made some tough decisions and bought one of each style—black/red III, II highs, and black/cement IIIs—as soon as they became available.I didn’t care.I had mine.On some level, this is incredibly disappointing. Cheap Nike Jordans.The III has long been a favorite of nearly every Jordan aficionado, and, as Tinker Hatfield’s first Air Jordan, its significance to the entire line can’t be understated.A fresh pair of Air Jordan IIIs is key to nearly every sneaker rotation. And long-awaited drops like a black/cement ‘88 or mocha re-up will have to be awaited for a bit longer. But in reality, this is probably something that needs to happen.Retro Jordans.On one episode of, I proposed that Nike cease production of the iconic Air Force 1, at least for a year. I said this mostly to get a rise out of my Air Force 1 loving co-host, but I also thought it was an idea that made some sense.Yes, it would take a consistent moneymaker out of the lineup, but it would also make people rethink an incredible sneaker design that’s come to be taken for granted.Retro Cheap Jordans.



Cheap Retro Air Jordan.The Air Jordan III finds itself in a very similar position, albeit on a smaller scale. The other day I saw a link to a list of the 23 best Air Jordan III colorways. Twenty-three? When the Air Jordan III originally released in 1988, there were four.Which, at the time, seemed like plenty.So here we are at the end (for now) and we didn’t even know it. The last Air Jordan III for the foreseeable future will be the Sport Blue joints that just dropped, unless you count the Roger Federer Vapor 9 Tours, which make an interesting bookend to the white/cement IIIs that Michael Jordan debuted in the ‘88 Dunk Contest.Retro Jordan 1.